Digital Badges


At GIPMC we want to recognise and celebrate your learning achievements and Certifications. That’s why we have partnered with OpenBadges platform to offer you digital badges.

Digital Badges

What is Digital Badge?

A digital badge, also referred to as an open badge or ebadge, is a validated representation of skill, quality, or accomplishment that individuals can earn and showcase across different digital platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or personal websites. It contains specific data including the badge name, issue date, criteria for attainment, issuer's URL, and details about the recipient.

Share your achievements with your network

Inform your network about your skills and expertise effortlessly. Share your accomplishments with colleagues and potential employers in just one click. Studies indicate that professionals who showcase their digital credentials on professional networking platforms are discovered by employers, on average, six times more frequently than those who refrain from doing so.

How do digital badges work?

  • Badges are simple to use and share.
  • Complete the requirements to earn by passing the exam and you will recieve an email comprising of link to share your badge across all Social Platforms.
  • You can either download the badge directly or share the badge across any Social Media Platform like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or your personal website.

A Digital Badge:

  • Demonstrates that your knowledge is current and applicable.
  • Propels your career advancement.
  • Highlights the knowledge and skills you've acquired and demonstrated to earn your certificate.
  • Validates that your certificate is from a reputable and trustworthy source.
  • Enables you to publicize your achievements on your website and social networking platforms like.

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