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Global Institute of Project Management and Certifications (GIPMC) is a leading institution specializing in comprehensive education and professional development in project management and consulting. Our programs are meticulously designed to foster strategic thinking, leadership, and innovation. With a commitment to academic rigor and excellence, GIPMC equips students with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in a competitive global market. Our focus on continuous improvement and adherence to high educational standards ensures that our graduates are prepared to make substantial contributions in their fields. Join GIPMC to transform your career and achieve professional success.

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Our Mission

GIPMC's dedication to high-quality training and certification in Management Science and Information Technology is evident in their pursuit of excellence. Their internationally accredited certifications uphold global standards, reflecting their commitment. Through e-courses, virtual classrooms, and rigorous online proctored exams, GIPMC prioritizes education. This holistic approach guarantees thorough preparation and assessment, empowering individuals to succeed in their respective fields.


Our Vision

GIPMC stands as an innovative certification provider, paving the path to worthwhile job opportunities. Through their cutting-edge certification programs, GIPMC equips individuals with the skills and credentials necessary to thrive in today's job market. A Commitment to innovation and career advancement solidifies GIPMC position as a leader in the certification landscape.


Our Exams

Certification Exams offer flexibility through GIPMC Online Proctored Testing Service and Non-Proctored (Open Book Exam) mode. Test takers can opt for proctored exams online, accessible from any location with only a webcam and an internet connection. This convenient setup allows individuals to choose the exam mode that best suits their preferences and circumstances, ensuring accessibility and ease of assessment.

Open Book Exam

In an "open book exam," test takers are allowed to refer to the text or material they have studied during the test.

Our certifications are exclusively owned and managed by GIPMC, providing vendor-neutral assessments based solely on candidates' acquired knowledge. Accreditation from ASIC guarantees global recognition, maintaining consistent standards across our certification programs.

GIPMC is ISO 9001:2015 certified, validating our commitment to quality management. Our organization upholds environmental stewardship and continuously improves processes to enhance client satisfaction.

Certifications play a vital role in assessing candidates' skills for corporate entities. Third-party certifiers, like GIPMC, instill confidence in organizations during recruitment by issuing certificates based on relevant knowledge. Our certifications are widely accepted and recognized by employers globally, adhering to rigorous standards and expert-approved courseware.

As an ISO 9001:2015 organization the GIPMC has a well designed and implemented quality management system, based on ISO 9001:2015 which provides

  • Framework for Improvements
  • Improves product reliability
  • Better process control and flow
  • Better documentation of the processes
  • Greater employee quality awareness
  • Better understanding of customer expectation

GIPMC is deeply committed to enhancing the global acceptability of its credentials and certifications within the corporate sector. Our certification programs are esteemed and acknowledged by employers worldwide, underscoring our position as an internationally recognized organization. We prioritize adherence to global standards to ensure the credibility and recognition of our certifications.

Moreover, all our course materials undergo rigorous scrutiny and approval by a panel of international experts. This meticulous process enhances the quality and credibility of our certifications, reinforcing our dedication to providing top-notch education and training in Management Science and Information Technology.


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